Terrarium Critters

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In each terrarium it is essential to have a variety of different critters to help maintain the health of the enclosed ecosystem. Critters such as isopods or springtails eat up decaying organic matter and contribute to the circle of health within the terrarium, by returning the nutrients from the decaying matter to the soil for the other live inhabitants to use and recycle.


Isopods are small invertebrates that thrive in humid environments and readily feed on decaying organic matter. Called the “clean up crew”, these small terrarium inhabitants are extremely beneficial in the health and cleanliness of your tank. They will likely hide amongst the leaf litter or fallen debris and will eat leaves or woods in the substrate along with animal droppings and dead material. The name Isopods references a wide range of different colors and sizes. These can include common named Dairy Cows, dwarf white, Powdered Orange, Zebra, and many more.


Springtails are very tiny arthropods that aid in the health and cleanliness of your terrariums. They are sometimes referred to as pests, as they are found in any high humidity space, however they do not damage food, furniture, clothes, or property. Their sole purpose is to decompose decaying material. Adults only grow to between 1/32 and 1/8th of an inch. These soft bodied, wingless creatures make a great addition to any terrarium to maintain a healthy environment.

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