We offer a complete line of aquarium supplies. If you are a new hobbyist or the most experienced we carry what you need to keep your aquarium healthy and looking beautiful in your home or office.

We keep in stock the best in aquatic products from quality manufacturers. We know this because we use the products that we sell. We have tested and believed in them. Whichever you have: a freshwater, saltwater, reef, planted or other specialty aquarium, let us help you choose quality supplies for your specific set up.


Light is the impetus for life in virtually all environments we know. The sun produces the light that starts life and begins the chain that includes almost every life form on earth. Plants (that utilize sunlight through photosynthesis) and animals from the beginnings of the food chain. Managing balances within the ecosystem, including the role of light, can help us provide optimum conditions for the animals and plants in our aquarium. Let us help you pick the perfect lighting system for your aquarium. We have in stock a wide variety of fixtures and replacement bulbs. Stop in to see our many options on display today.


Filtration is the process that allows us to keep fish alive and healthy outside their natural habitat. It helps clean the water so that the fish can live for extended periods of time without constant aquarium maintenance. There are various types of filters and pumps that can be used to maintain healthy fish from internal filters to external filters to specialty filters, each designed to do a specific job. At Aquarium Adventure, we can demonstrate and explain all of them to help you make the right choice.


We feed the foods that we suggest at Aquarium Adventure, as evident in the health and quality of the species we keep. For most species, feeding a wide variety of these foods like freeze-dried, flake, pellets, frozen and live foods will ensure that the fish has access to all of the nutrients necessary for a quality life. Come check out our varied selection.



We feature aquarium safe decorations, over 30 varieties of decorative bulk rock, the largest and best selection of specialty driftwoods to be found in the country, lifelike artificial plants and a huge selection of substrates for freshwater, marine and planted aquariums.

We are continually adding to our vast product lines. Be sure to stop by the store regularly as we bring in new items as soon as they are made available. And remember if we don’t have what you are looking for, there is a good chance we can order it.



Maintenance items such as nets, replacement filter media, cleaning supplies, salt mixes and water treatments can be found here. We carry a wide variety of nutritional supplements, water test kits and medications. An Aquarium Adventure professional can help you make choices to keep your aquarium at optimal health!

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