The bearded dragon came by his name because of the darkened patch under his chin, resembling a beard. When puffed out, the beard is quite a unique feature, with his appearance bearing a striking resemblance to prehistoric dinosaurs. These reptiles are hardy, resilient and have an even temperament, making them a favorite among reptile lovers. The bearded dragon has an exceptional personality and will happily greet their owner each time they enter his room. Unlike many other reptiles, they love to be handled, which is ideal, even for the beginner reptile enthusiast.

Bearded dragons enjoy company; it is not uncommon to find them piled one on top of each other. Caution should be taken when housing unsexed bearded dragons together since males may become very territorial and will spar if kept in the same enclosure. Sexed pairs and colonies (with only one mature male) may be kept together, provided the enclosure is large enough.

The life expectancy of a bearded dragon can range between five and eight years. Captively bred pets live longer than wild specimens since they do not have any natural predators.

To provide a happy, healthy atmosphere for your new pet, we recommend the following necessary accessories. We have listed them as your new pet’s four basic needs: Environmental, Behavioral, Nutritional and Maintenance. If these needs are met and a loving environment is provided by you, your bearded dragon can live a long and healthy life.


  • Housing
  • Decorations/Plants
  • Substrate
  • Relative Humidity
  • Thermometer
  • Lighting
  • Spotlights/Heating


  • Food Sources
  • Vitamin Suppliments


  • Watering
  • Litter Scoop
  • A Book About Bearded Dragons
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