Most of the fish kept in aquariums are found in freshwater. The lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds on every continent provide and environment for an endless variety of fish. The types of fish we tend to keep are primarily found in tropical waters. This simply means those waters with an average temperature of 75-85°F. We list them by the continents where they are located.

Live Plants

Plants that live underwater are found around the world, and present unique benefits and challenges to freshwater aquariums. The keeping of plants may require a little extra such as a increased light or supplemental elements; however, they add a dimension of landscaping that gives us a beautiful visual impact and can aid in the balance of a closed eco system.

Saltwater Fish, Corals & Invertebrates

Corals and Anemones are marine Invertebrates but a highly specialized and sought after marine invertebrate and as such marine aquariums are dedicated to the keeping of just corals – a reef aquarium. A very important ingredient in establishing a “reef” aquarium in the use of “live rock” – reef rubble from the different oceans that are loaded with beneficial bacteria, zooplankton and phytoplankton.

Pond & Goldfish

It was during the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1643 A.D.) that goldfish became so popular that they were taken from their natural pools and maintained indoors in the beautiful pottery bowls of this period. In the 1500’s the goldfish made its appearance in Japan. In both China and Japan distinct breeds, varying greatly in physical characteristics, were developed.

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