Snakes are interesting and easy to care for. There are a large variety of species suitable to the home environment. These snakes are members of two families, the Boidae and the Colubridae. The Boidae family consists mainly of Pythons and Boas. The Colubridae family includes Kings, Corns, and Garters.

Snakes can be found in deserts, savannas, and rainforests with conditions ranging from the cool temperature to the hot tropics. Different species have adapted to living in trees, in water, on the ground, or in burrows.

Snakes do not require social interaction. In fact, most snakes are quiet and reclusive, spending much time in their favorite retreats conserving energy between feedings. Most snakes can be handled for short periods at a time, but over-handling can cause stress. There are times when they will prefer to be left alone. These times include the molting periods and feeding times.

It is never wise to mix different species of snakes together. They may interpret one another as a threat or competition for food. Some species may be kept in colonies, such as Garter snakes, but even those have been known to attach one another during feeding time. To prevent his problem, each snake should be offered food individually.

To provide a healthy, happy atmosphere for your snake, we recommend the following accessories. We have listed them as your new pet’s basic needs: Nutritional, Environmental, Behavioral, and Maintenance. Ask your pet counselor for help on items that pertain to your pet’s needs.


  • Housing
  • Substrate
  • Heat Lamps
  • Thermometer
  • Under-Tank Heater


  • Frozen Dinners
  • Fresh Water


  • Flooring


  • Hiding Places
  • Rocks and Logs
  • Pool and Water
  • A specific book on your snake
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