About Us

Aquarium Adventure in N.W. Columbus was designed to showcase the largest and best selection of tropical, marine, and pond fish in the country. This 12,000 square foot Aquarium Superstore, features a huge variety of aquariums, aquarium furniture and supplies. The fish, invertebrates and plants are presented in aquarium displays that are entertaining and educational. The store layout conveys to shoppers and visitors the wonders and many benefits of having an aquarium in your home or place of business.

Dan & Janet Star first discovered Aquarium Adventure in 2005. Ever since we set foot in the Columbus store, we were very excited about the possibility of bringing this unique store to the Chicagoland area.

We opened the Hoffman Estates location in April, 2006 to huge crowds and a very warm welcome by the community. Only about 18 months later, we opened our second location in Bolingbrook and that store was also instantly loved by our customers.

At Aquarium Adventure, our goal is to provide all of our customers a fun and unique experience. We also want to encourage responsible fish & reptile ownership through education and by always providing high quality fish & reptiles to our customers.

Thank you for shopping with us and we hope you enjoy our stores.

– Dan & Janet Star

Aquarium Adventure Chicago