Ken Nedimyer aquarist, hobbyist, collector and marine scientist has been living in the Florida Keys collecting and studying marine life for 40 years. Ken and Aquarium Adventure’s resident Marine Biologist, Bill Wymard  have been friends and business associates since the early ‘70’s.

Ken has a passion for marine life and the future of coral reefs in the Caribbean. He has started an organization called the Coral Restoration Foundation. Using a grant from the federal government along with donations, Ken has single-handedly created an underwater coral nursery on the sea floor. Taking “nubs” or “frags”, they are placed on special mounts on the sandy bottom or hung on a line freely. Clear water from offshore ocean currents and sunlight create the perfect conditions for accelerated growth. Once they reach a proper size they are transplanted to a “naked” reef area to start up the growth and development of a new coral reef!

We are excited to be part of Ken’s vision and dream and urge you to contribute to the Coral Restoration Foundation by adopting a coral. We at Aquarium Adventure help to support this organization financially and will accept donations of any amount at our Aquarium Adventure, Columbus location. 100% of all donations are forwarded directly to The Coral Restoration Foundation.

Thanks for your support and Thank you Ken, for your valuable work.

Aquarium Adventure Chicago