Terrarium Critters

In each terrarium it is essential to have a variety of different critters to help maintain the health of the enclosed ecosystem. Critters such as isopods or springtails eat up decaying organic matter and contribute to the circle of health within the terrarium, by returning the nutrients from the decaying matter to the soil for the other live inhabitants to use and recycle.

Terrarium Plants

Plants are an essential part of a terrarium ecosystem. Not only do they provide aesthetics to the build, they are important for the inhabitants of the terrarium, providing shelter and sometimes a food source.

Terrarium Supplies

Terrariums are composed of a wide variety of different components. Branches, Seed Pods, and Leaf Litter contribute to the construction of each terrarium build but also provide a natural looking aesthetic to the overall terrarium. As well, a naturally inspired design with the use of real supplies provides lots of familiar hiding spots and enrichment for the terrarium inhabitants.

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