Tarantulas have fascinated people the world over. Despite their reputation in movies, the majority of species are quite docile and are easy to keep and transport. All tarantulas are venomous, but the toxicity of the venom can be equated to a bee sting for most species. Still, caution should be maintained when handling them, in case of an allergic reaction to the venom. Watching the tarantula move and climb can be engrossing and fascinating. Beginners should opt for a more docile and easy to care for species.

Most species of tarantulas prefer to live alone. A tarantula’s habitat is determined by the type of species. The life expectancy of a tarantula varies according to species, ranging from 10 to 20+ years.

To provide a healthy, happy atmosphere for your tarantula, we recommend the following accessories. We have listed them as your new pet’s basic needs: Nutritional, Environmental, Behavioral, and Maintenance. Ask our employees for help on items that pertain to your pet’s needs.


  • Housing
  • Substrate
  • Humidity Guage
  • Thermometer
  • Under-Tank Heater
  • Ceramic Base Spotlight
  • Lighting


  • Decorations/Plants
  • Spray Bottle
  • Water Dripper


  • Food Sources


  • A Book About Tarantulas
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