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pond_feeding.JPGReplicating the diet of a fish in the wild can be challenging, but can be mirrored by the huge variety of fish food available. Proper feeding is important throughout a fish's life in maintaining health, color, behavior and overall growth. For most, feeding a wide variety of these foods like freeze-dried, flake, pellets, frozen and live foods will ensure that the fish has access to all of the nutrients necessary for a quality life. We feed the foods that we suggest at Aquarium Adventure, as evident in the health and quality of the species we keep. Here are some is a few important paragraphs about foods and some of our fish's favorites.

We have listed for you the types of foods available and a sampling of our vast selection. Keep in mind that many of these foods come in different sizes and various sized containers. We are sure to have just what you are looking for.
Live Foods

Live foods available at Aquarium Adventure are brine shrimp, black worms, ghost shrimp, guppies, goldfish, and mollies. In addition we offer a line of micro-plankton feeds. Live feeds are rapidly being recognized as critical components to the health and vitality of reef organisms. In the past they have traditionally been hard to find and very expensive to purchase. There are some newer brands of live feeds and micro- plankton concentrates that will feed all the animals in your reef system. They have a very good track record with proven success in our systems and those of our customers. We also now offer Vials of Betta Bugs, Wax worms, night crawlers, red rrigglers and small Super worms.


Frozen Foods 

These foods can be actual live foods (worms, crustaceans, algae or fish) or a prepared food that was frozen to help maintain valuable nutrients, proteins and amino acids that normally would be lost if prepared other ways (i.e. freeze-dried, flake, etc.). Popsicle-like small cubes can make feeding frozen foods convenient with minimal mess. The cubes can be thawed in a small cup of water and then poured into the aquarium or the cube can be floated in the aquarium allowing it to dissolve slowly on it’s own. At Aquarium Adventure you will find many frozen foods as blood worms, daphnia, krill & prawn, my-sis shrimp, silversides, scallops, mussels. plankton, beefheart.  We also have available forms of frozen algae for herbivores.

Flake Foods 

This food is the staple in the aquarium industry. A tried and true feeding platform used by aquarium keepers for 60+ years. Flake food is easy to keep and feed. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and formulas to suit many fish species. Color enhancing, community, veggie, goldfish and marine formulas are a few.

 Freeze Dried

These are live foods that have been dried and all moisture content removed. They have an odor and taste that are easily recognized and accepted by fish. Convenience without the fuss of keeping live foods make these a desirable addition to the fish food pantry. Among the most popular are bloodworms, tubifex worms, brine shrimp, plankton, krill, my-sis shrimp, spirulina and various forms of algae. 

Gel Food 

In years past many hobby fish keepers have made their own gel foods laboring hours over the formulation and nutritional needs of the fish species they were growing. Today, there have been great strides in providing easy to feed nutritionally sound gel foods. Gel foods can provide an alternative to live or frozen foods. Natural whole animals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other foods are combined with a gel that does not need to be refrigerated or frozen. Some of these new formulas easily mimic what many fish may find in the wild.


These are foods comprised of various types of fish meal along with the addition of special ingredients such as; amino acids, invertebrates and algae. These ingredients are extruded in a heating process to produce a pellet of many shapes and sizes for all types of fish. Pellets are highly nutritious and easy to feed Many fish species easily accept pelleted foods such as goldfish, cichlids, barbs, and livebearers. Many fish keepers like to feed pellets because fish can find them. When they are the proper size and fed in the amount they are eaten quickly. There are floating and sinking pellets available for both top and bottom feeding fish.    

Pond Foods 

Primarily a pellet food but specifically formulated for pond fish species meeting all of their enhanced nutritional requirements. Floating and sinking formats are available, as well as size and shape that are species dependent. It is important in midwest or in varying water temperature climates to feed the right foods during spring and fall to maximize the growth and health of pond fish. Let us show you what we feed. As a matter of fact, you can feed our pond fish. Just ask the next time you visit. 

Medicated Foods

While this is a topic of great discussion in the fish keeping community, it is not one we are going to attempt to cover in a brief paragraph about fish foods. We would rather have the discussion in person and ask lots of questions before randomly suggesting or describing medicated feeds. Know that we have them, they are are available, they can work in controlled situations and we are happy to share with you our experiences with them.


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