107_0721_jfrNothing calms the spirit like the comfort of gazing at a beautiful under- water scene. An aquarium with its rich, underwater display of colorful animals and plants is truly live entertainment that enthralls and mesmerizes the young and old alike. Have you always wanted to bring the rich beauty of the underwater world into your environment with an aquarium? Maybe your desire has been to sit back and relax after a long day with your feet up as you watch peaceful swimming fish. Let us do the work for you. Our on-site services can be just what you are looking for to turn your vision into reality, right there in your very own living room.

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For well over two decades, Aquarium Adventure has been designing and installing custom aquariums. Our highly skilled and experienced team can provide expert consultation on expanding or building the aquarium of your dreams. We are more than a designer; we have a complete understanding of the installation, and on-going maintenance process. We are fish biologists and hobbyists. We know fish and the systems that will allow them to prosper.

aq service photo 3Deliver and Install

Does the thought, of setting up your new aquarium, seem seem overwhelming to you? Let our experienced service team Service Team of Aquatic Specialists do it for you. No tank tank is too big or too small. We will explain how everything works and answer all of your questions, alleviating any concerns that you may have, right there on the spot.

aq service photo 4Maintain

Maintaining an aquarium has never been easier with Aquarium Adventures complete service program. We can clean your aquarium, add new fish and supplies, at regularly scheduled times that are convenient for you or provide that occasional cleaning when needed. Our professional Aquatic Technicians will arrive with all the tools and equipment needed to provide quick, neat and thorough service to your aquatic display.

For a FREE consultation, please call our service line at 224-567-1178 with any inquiries or CLICK HERE to contact us and begin your journey of discovery into the world of living art.