pond 100 3560Welcome to beautifully simple water gardening. Water gardens are reflections of beauty that transform a backyard corner into a tranquil retreat. For many people there is great joy to be found in the process of creating a water garden. The art of taking an area that consists of nothing more than dirt or grass and turning it into a beautiful wildlife habitat, lush garden that soothes the soul and tranquil paradise is nothing short of miraculous. Families can explore and get excited about nature together-----its part hobby, part meditative and part educational. Creating a tranquil paradise can be easy or very complex --- the choices are endless.


Today almost every homeowner can include some form of pond or water feature in their garden. But where does one start? A successful pond relies on good planning right from the start. If you have never had a pond before, there are a few things to consider before rushing to the garden shed for your shovel. Where will it be located? How big will it be? Are you going to keep fish? Are there safety issues to consider? What pond equipment do you need to buy?

Taking a little time to familiarize yourself with the various types of water garden equipment, their purpose, and use can go a long way to ensuring a trouble free water garden; problems can be avoided by carefully choosing the best range of equipment and materials for your needs.

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